Online Commenting Panel Discussion

Join us as a panel of Classibridge employees and online commenting specialists sit down to analyze online comments in depth, including the promise of online comments when they were introduced as well as pain points felt during their execution. The panel consists of Timi Pieretti - Senior Application Development Specialist, Amanda Scott – Senior Journalism and Public Relations Specialist, Renee Gigante – Senior Business Development Specialist, Anthony LaVerghetta – Graphic Designer, and is moderated by AJ Sharma – Classibridge CEO & Founder. The panel is composed of 4 different segments of the online commenting space: an end-user who is active with online comments and social media, a former journalist who was tasked with increasing user engagement, a specialist in online commenting including it’s history and shortcomings, and an artist who regularly publishes content online and deals with positive and negative responses. As the panel makes evident, there is still work to be done in order for online comments, and the social dialogue they facilitate, to reach the true value that was originally envisioned.