When the internet came about and the idea of being able to discuss any topic with people all over the world were first envisioned, it sounded like utopia.  Unfortunately, reality set in and it's common knowledge that most online comment boards can quickly turn into a cesspool that nobody wants to wade into.

Trolls, spam, automated bots, flame wars, extremists, incivility, and other problems have plagued online comment boards for far too long.  Limited innovation has been introduced since their launch over twenty years ago, and it seems that the only option is heavy-handed moderation at the whim of the website admins.


The year that online comments became mainstream with the option to sort by oldest, newest & most liked


The ratio of lurkers to intermittent users to heavy users on most online commenting sites


The number of choices you have with most comment widgets - sort by oldest, newest & most liked


Classifilter is a revolutionary widget that unlocks unprecedented capabilities for engagement while bringing freedom and choices back into the hands of users, instead of having them locked into a static feed that is based on faceless algorithms.  

The result is a community where real discussions occur and users can explore dialogue from multiple angles by consciously stepping in and out of filter bubbles while also preserving the ability for the website to present the best content how it sees fit.


Unprecedented choices
Appealing interface
Customizable experience

How It Works

We give as much power and control back to you in a manner that allows you to interact with the comments how you think is best

Technology puts you in the driver's seat in regards to which comments you see while still allowing you to quickly examine multiple angles

We're in closed beta and pre-launch so we can't disclose a lot, but please Contact Us or Become a Beta Tester to learn more