Newsrooms and websites post content to inform their audiences and build a sense of community.  A central pillar of the engagement options available to users are online comments.  Unfortunately, many implementations of online comments lead to less than ideal interactions and detracts from the experience for all users.

Publishers are forced to choose whether to facilitate user engagement and allocate resources to moderation, or whether to abandon online comments and lose their communities to social media platforms which don't fare much better in terms of moderation. We believe these aren't fair choices and we have a better option.


The likely percentage of your users who lurk without posting comments,  hurting engagement and community


The number of full-time moderators that the New York Times has on staff in order to moderate 10% of their articles


The year that online comments became mainstream with the option to sort by oldest, newest & most liked


Classifilter is a revolutionary widget that utilizes underlying algorithms, process flows and user experience features to dramatically reduce moderation needs from newsrooms as well as improve the capabilities to curate the experience that their users have in the online comments.

The result is an experience that is more enjoyable for the silent majority of your users who continue scrolling after reading posts to discuss topics further, while also reducing your staff's burden in monitoring your community's interactions.


Customization reflects
your values

How It Works

The system was designed to not require a heavy hand in moderation from websites with the burden handled by technology and processes

Additionally, the user experience is so fundamental to a site's beliefs that we designed many core processes as decisions for you to make

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