Those tasked with taming online comment boards are fighting the good fight, but they are woefully outgunned and understaffed.  Most newsrooms make the choice to direct their limited funds to creating quality content versus extensive moderation of their communities, and then get dismayed with their comment streams.

Moderators can try to tame certain threads but it's a never-ending job with more comments being submitted and increasing expectations for real-time communications.  Additionally, there are malicious actors that try to derail conversations and spread misinformation across the web, and you're tasked with catching them.


Approximate number of comments a moderator is tasked with moderating daily at the New York Times


The year that online comments became mainstream with the option to sort by oldest, newest & most liked


The number of full-time moderators that the New York Times has on staff in order to moderate 10% of their articles


Classifilter is a revolutionary widget that empowers moderators to regulate their communities and present their sites contents and resulting conversations in the best light via the usage of advanced algorithms, technology, process flows, and user experiences.

The result is a much more manageable stream of comments that requires minimal moderation and allows sites to designate what user content best compliments the articles while also allowing users to explore the entire collection if they choose.


Limited engagement needed
Assistance from technology
Maintain order with integrity

How It Works

Multiple algorithms and automated process flows keep a handle on the comment stream and notify you when things are amiss

You can focus your efforts on those comments that negatively impact your users and configure the system to learn how to handle future events

We're in closed beta and pre-launch so we can't disclose a lot, but please Contact Us or Become a Beta Tester to learn more