Comments are the core way for your Community to engage. Engaged users are much more likely to click on advertising, become a subscriber, or return to your site on a regular basis. 

Set your site apart by giving your community never-before-seen ways to engage!


Introducing cmmntz, the most advanced commenting widget and free community engagement tool!



We at cmmntz believe the value of engagement doesn’t lie in surreptitiously tracking users & selling that data to the highest bidder, but in the spreading of conversation & ideas. So, we’ll never collect users’ personally identifiable information (PII) & we’ll never sell user data. 

Our account creation process is deliberately vague & all fields are optional.


Revolutionize Your Online Comments For FREE

A lot of the features listed above are revolutionary on their own.  However, when combined with other features, amazing things happen.

Instant Engagement + Process = Quality Comments

Commenters are incentivized by get exponentially more exposure

No PII + Process = Extensive Safeguards

Filtering out bad apples or unknown actors is easy for everybody

Instant Engagement + Curation = Exciting Threads

Massive comment threads can be analyzed on your site

No PII + Commenting = More Engagement

Users appreciate when they aren't being tracked & engage more

Process + Auto-Moderation = Risk Mitigation

Offensive comments are less likely to be shown on your site

Cross-Linked Traffic + Process = Quality Feedback

Your site's comments are reviewed by a massive audience

Instant Engagement + Auto-Moderation = Volume Safeguards

Settings prevent large threads on your site from derailing

Auto-Moderation + Advanced Moderation = Granular Control

You have the ability to finely control what is viewed on your site

Process + Reports = Unparalleled Insight

Innovative enhancements unlock reports to help your site grow

cmmntz + Your Blog = Golden Opportunity

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