Our Vision

"Build a global community that utilizes technology to maximize freedom & incentivizes engagement without violating privacy"

Our Mission

We're going to shake up the current status quo where the vocal minority monopolizes online discussion while disincentivizing the majority from engaging and adding their voices to the conversation.  With the use of technology, optimized user experience processes, and familiar graphical choices, we're going to solve the headaches that websites with comments have faced for decades while still allowing them to maintain their integrity when it comes to freedom of speech.  We know that while the problems with online dialogue of spam, trolls, bots, vulgarity, fake news, flame wars, cyberbullying, etc. were caused by user behavior, we believe the solution lies in technology and innovation, not hoping that people will change their ways.

Our Background

Classibridge is a tech company tackling online dialogue and engagement options available to everyday users of online content.  Our main product is an online commenting widget called CMMNTZ (pronouned as comments) and the primary customers that Classibridge interacts with are websites that host multiple articles with an active commenting community below the articles.  

There are multiple sub-companies that fall under the Classibridge umbrella, of which CMMNTZ is the flagship product.  Additionally, there are multiple innovative approaches to our products that differentiate us from our competitors and lead to some truly ground-breaking benefits for our customers.

We do things differently at Classibridge, including our approach to privacy and security for all of our users. We are firm believers in right to privacy as well as freedom of speech, and all of our products and offerings reflect those beliefs.

Our History

The genesis for the company came when it became evident to our founder and CEO, AJ Sharma, that the then-current state of discussing society’s problems as well as brainstorming and implementing solutions wasn’t effective.  

Classibridge, as well as the CMMNTZ widget, were born out of the idea that technology could do better. Technology could help society grow more inter-connected and stronger, not facilitate the placement of walls and boundaries.  That what divides all of us is not fundamental differences in beliefs, but drawbacks in discussion technologies that facilitate finding a middle ground.  Even if the extremists and the outliers on all sides aren’t dissuaded from their positions and are the vocal minority, we still believe that technology should assist the silent majority in sound analysis, productive discussions, and bridging their differences to find solutions that work for all.

We were incorporated in July, 2018 and came roaring out of the gate.  The company is headquartered in the suburbs of Philadelphia, specifically in Drexel Hill within Delaware County (good ole DelCo). 

Our Team


AJ Sharma

CEO & Founder


Alex Smith



Amanda Scott

Senior PR & Journalism Specialist


Anthony LaVerghetta

Graphic Designer


Dustin Danesi

Social Media Marketing Specialist

Jackie Danesi

Human Resources Generalist


Jesse Knutsen

Principal Developer


Joanne Sharma



Renee Gigante

Senior Business Development Specialist


Timi Pieretti

Senior Application Development Specialist

Our Culture

Privacy Policy

  1. As is evident in our account creation process, Classibridge does not collect any Personally Identifiable Information (PII), nor do we track your usage of our systems besides the bare amount necessary to ensure our posting and voting processes operate as intended, and any data you upload is owned by you but perpetually licensed without royalties to Classibridge as stated in our Terms of Service (TOS).

  2. We will not sell any information that we might have on any of our users to any third party and any advertising that is shown on our platform is targeted only to the content of the articles, but never to characteristics or demographics of your user account.

  3. Our systems might automatically gather extra information, such as your IP address and browser type, in order for the system to work properly but any such information that is unique to you will be deleted from our systems after it is no longer required to provide you with services.

  4. We do use cookies to ensure you can stay logged in and able to connect, but the information is not used to track you individually and does not capture what you do when you are not on the website that hosts our widget.

  5. Information you posted will be shared only with your express permission, such as when you choose to share something you posted to social media, when there is a danger of imminent and serious harm to a person, or to comply with the law (in which case, we will provide only the information we have available and, if the law provides it, we will attempt to notify you that your information was provided to legal authorities).

  6. You can modify or delete your account at any time but please be aware that deleting your account will set the author of content you posted to anonymous unless you go into the comment thread directly and delete any comment you do not want posted.

  7. Our servers and data reside in the United States but all users worldwide have the right to contact us via our Contact Us page to request that their personal data is modified or deleted, although, as stated earlier, our systems are configured to not store any PII.